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Business areas


  • Lighting solutions for consumers and professionals
  • FMCG
  • Specialised food for children 
  • Healthcare, specialised nutrition and medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Vending machines and drink dispensers

Lighting solutions for consumers and professionals

The lighting industry is varied and ubiquitous, its products used in all aspects of life. In particular, the LED market is now growing fast. With the emergence of new possibilities and continued growth, new solutions are introduced, such as power saving LED sources. The ongoing lighting digitisation allows the creation of customised lighting solutions and controlling them via mobiles devices.


The fast-moving consumer goods industry deals with products that are sold daily and at relatively low prices. The examples of FMCG goods are cleaning products or foodstuffs such as milk and vegetable products, indispensable in our daily diets.

Specialised food for children

Ensuring proper nutrition in the first years of a child’s life has a massive impact on its organism, resilience to diseases, development and cognitive abilities. Carefully selected, high quality products tailored for the needs of consumers at various stages of life, designed to address their various nutritional needs. Innovative solutions based on the latest scientific developments and extensive knowledge of the properties of nutrients and their role in the organism.

Healthcare, specialised nutrition and medical devices

Specialised nutrition and healthcare are important elements of life for all of us. These topics are a part of our daily lives. Derived from the developments in IT and communication technologies, the growth potential of the sector of medical devices is massive. Patients’ health information, relayed in real time in healthcare facilities, play a major role in improving therapy results.


The automotive industry is constantly changing. We are now on the brink of the era of electric and hybrid cars, with internal combustion engines becoming a thing of the past. Looking at the cars manufactured today and ten years ago, major differences in design, performance and equipment are easily noticed. Such dynamic changes force manufacturers to constantly improve and perfect their businesses. 

Consumer goods

Businesses active in the consumer goods sector face multiple challenges. The new and ever-changing expectations of consumers affect product designs and price optimisation activities. One example could be the sector of bottler water, recently enjoying amazing growth. A conscious consumer leading a healthy lifestyle and using natural products is the most frequent buyer of bottled water. The market’s structure can be divided into two, major segments: sparkled water and still water, both being the main driver of the market. Smaller bottler sizes are also enjoying great popularity, being an ideal product for those who enjoy dynamic lifestyles.

Vending machines and drink dispenser

The vending industry offers products that are available 24/7, purchased with no interaction with others. A characteristics that makes it more and more popular in the current times. The variety of products that can be purchased from vending machines is extensive: snacks, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, electronic gadgets etc. All over the world, purchasing processes become increasingly automated, perfectly reflected by the development of the vending industry.